Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's exciting...

Its all happening now with the wedding plans, the invitations are now in the process of being made except we are having a bit of difficulty in getting ribbon to match the bridesmaids colour....who chose purple eh!!!

Went to see Margaret and Fiona re the flowers last Friday night and i am so excited because it all worked out the way I wanted and my favourite flower is available in September so I will have Gerberras in some of my flower arrangements. I am sure that my flowers will be beautiful and add more delight to our special day.

I also phoned tonight about the cake and its going to be made by Moira. She made my nephews Christening cake and it was very tasty so I have no doubt it will be eaten up very quickly at our night reception.

When I am writing this blog I am probably not making any sense as I am talking to my good friend Clare
and she is making me laugh so much. I thank you Clare for always making me laugh you truely are a star. love ya mate. its not be best photo sorry and as if i would say anything to wind u up ha ha .

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Jo Jo said...

Dear big sis,

I was just telling my collegue at work about Ross getting fitted for his kilt. It's really soon now!!! Yay!! I'm excited, hope you are, hehe. I saw possible evening shoes the other day but we should discuss suitable colours!


Wee sis x X x