Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Ross's Challenge for Charity

My beloved husband-to-be is doing a sponsered bike and hike to raise money for Maggie's Cancer Care centre. Check out littlelaughalot blog for more info and a link to his page.

All I want to say is well done Ross for taking uo this challenge and for thinking of others. I'm sure you will manage to do it but just remember if your feet get blistered I can't promise I will be able to help as you know me and feet don't get on. I may go for counselling before then to get over my phobia so I can give you tlc.

So please sponser him for this worthwhile event.

Love you lots honey and I'm sure you will do just great

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Ross said...

Thanks for posting about the Bike and Hike honey. It's a really worthwhile charity which can make all the difference to people affected by cancer. Please support me in this event. All info is at


and you can sponsor me there too.

Ross x