Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's exciting...

Its all happening now with the wedding plans, the invitations are now in the process of being made except we are having a bit of difficulty in getting ribbon to match the bridesmaids colour....who chose purple eh!!!

Went to see Margaret and Fiona re the flowers last Friday night and i am so excited because it all worked out the way I wanted and my favourite flower is available in September so I will have Gerberras in some of my flower arrangements. I am sure that my flowers will be beautiful and add more delight to our special day.

I also phoned tonight about the cake and its going to be made by Moira. She made my nephews Christening cake and it was very tasty so I have no doubt it will be eaten up very quickly at our night reception.

When I am writing this blog I am probably not making any sense as I am talking to my good friend Clare
and she is making me laugh so much. I thank you Clare for always making me laugh you truely are a star. love ya mate. its not be best photo sorry and as if i would say anything to wind u up ha ha .

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

This is annoying

I am not so good at this blog thing as I wanted to continue after my picture but I could not get it to let me anyway I will work it out.

So in conclusion to my painting post Thank you to my future mother and father in law, Ross and my dad for what they have done so far for giving up time an efforts and for what they will do in the next few weeks order for me to sell my flat and in preparation for our new house.

Been to see Gavin in his school show tonight which was excellent but it is now late and mt eyes are very tired so I will blog on it soon


I must say that painting is not my forte but I need to learn so I thought I would give it a go in my flat you know the day is drawing nearer that Ross and I will buy our house and in order to that I need to sell my flat first. IT does not need that much done to it but I do need to freshen a few walls and tidy up at few cracks but hey it will be worth it.

On Saturday I had arranged that late afternoon the Pentney clan minus Joanne would come over and we could get started. Me in my inpatient ways decided that I would give a start to the small hallway between all the rooms. I got out the paint tec and climbed the ladder and was getting on great and really pleased with my efforts when I don't really know what happened but I found myself falling and landedon the tins of paint at my feet. Luckily I never had the pot of paint in my hand as I probably would have had it all over me. I think I got up quicker than I went down and to be honest that was quick. I did not know whether to laugh or cry. I could feel my leg beginining to bruise and oh my word what a bruise it is. I have to say it getting more purple by the day and still very sore. I learned a few things on Saturday and one of which was to be more patient and when climbing a ladder wear shoes !!!!

Good times...

I have been meaning to blog for a few days now and the time just has not allowed me to. I am now back at work and feel like I have never been off.

When I was on annual leave last week I feel that I got so much done and wee bits and bobs sorted for the wedding. It was really nice as on Tuesday when I got to spend time with Olwyn and got to chat about a few things that have been on my mind and she was able to talk about a few things that had been on her mind. It was just like old times again no men no children as much as I love the Mathie and Ross days. Thanks for spending that time with me and for listening, even when I am not always right you are always there for me. you are a true friend. Not sure if you remember giving me this card but it has really helped me especially in recent times so thanks.

might need you to show me how to rotate it though doh!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Just a thought .....

I know this is probably not the best post in the world but it was just something I randomly thought about as I ate my dinner yesterday. I love sprouts they are so delicious and one of my favourite vegetables, but they are also very wierd. They have so many layers to them and the juicier the better.

Now I know I am probably wierd liking them because I know many people think they are disgusting but I think they are delicious what about you?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Well so much has happened since I last blogged but I must say I am now on holiday from work for a week and I am glad. I do love my job but we all need holidays and time off. I have a busy week ahead however I will enjoy catching up with things and people. I do intend to take time for myself too.

Today is mothers day and well as most of you know my mum died in October 1999 and I really miss her very much. I would just like to pay tribute to my mum today and thank her for being a loving mum to me. Although mum was not always able to do the physical things with me she always made sure I could and that there was someone else there to support me or my brother and she was there to hear all about it when we got home. I'm sure there were some days that she would not be feeling like listening to me go on and on but she did because she loved me unconditionally.

There have been many people in my life that over the years have been a mother figure to me and I would like to thank them all too, not naming names as I would not like to miss any out but you know who you are.

I'm sure my mum will be loooking down on me today and that she is with me in everything I am doing in preparation for our wedding. I have said before I know that she would just love Ross and I am sure he would have loved her too.

So all in all I love you mum and all my other 'mums' and thank you all for everything.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Tonight I was at my friends for dinner and she was asking had we booked or thought about out honeymoon. Well Ross and I have kind of talked about it but has anyone any suggestions...

We are thinking Italy....Lake Gardia

Ross's Challenge for Charity

My beloved husband-to-be is doing a sponsered bike and hike to raise money for Maggie's Cancer Care centre. Check out littlelaughalot blog for more info and a link to his page.

All I want to say is well done Ross for taking uo this challenge and for thinking of others. I'm sure you will manage to do it but just remember if your feet get blistered I can't promise I will be able to help as you know me and feet don't get on. I may go for counselling before then to get over my phobia so I can give you tlc.

So please sponser him for this worthwhile event.

Love you lots honey and I'm sure you will do just great

My testimony from my hospital visit

Last night it was gale force winds over here and well all I can say is that God really protected me.

Inverclyde hospital is at the top of a hill and last night I went to visit Lesley in hospital and had taken Aunt Jean up to visit her too. As you know from my previous blog Aunt Jean has an artificial leg and well has difficulty with walking so I had to help her face the weather. Anyway going into the hospital was ok but the wind was catching you breath a bit. On the way back out after seeing Lesley we got to the front door of the hospital and the wind was really bad. I asked Aunt Jean if she was going to be ok if I held her to get to the car and she said she would give it a go. So we started to walk and it was very blowy, her balance was not good and I had to hold her really tight. We kept walking until a huge gust of wind nearly knocked us both flying I was about 6 metres form my car and I was having great difficulty holding her up i had her so tight and I was panicking thinking she is going to fall. I looked over at the car next to mine and this man was laughing at us, well I could have punched his face.

I said a wee prayer and asked God to help me hold her tight and just give me the strength to get her to the car then from no where this woman appeared and helped me and then this man helped us to get her to the car. My scarf went flying across the car park but hey that was the least of my worries i had visions on aunt Jean doing a Mary Poppins on me and then me having to explain to the family it was my fault she went flying through the air and fell.

So I was so grateful for that man and lady who helped us ( must add it was not the man from the car) and they most certainly were the good samaratins in my story, and I am so glad that neither of us fell and although my neck and shoulders are sore today from the way i held her and i was a bit scared but GOD kept us both safe. God is always there for me even although i may not always think he is and i am so glad nothing happened to Aunt Jean last night.

Must admit we are laughing about the whole situation now but at the time it was very scarey.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Gavin's HERO

My Godson Gavin is 10 years old and he was to do a project in school about his hero. He chose his Granny. I thought this was very sweet. He wrote about her life and how she had cancer and lost her leg and how now her faith in God and her life within the Salvation Army has been a huge influence on his life. His granny is a huge influence on his life and I know that not only Gavin looks up to her but Aunt Jean has been an influence to me too and many others I know. This was really thought provoking for me because I wonder of one day someone will look up to me and say how I have been an influence on them. As Gavin's Godmother I need to take a look at my life and how I am dealing with situations and leading my spiritual life as I should be an example to him.

Here are a few photos of him dressed as his Granny in her Salvation Army uniform. Well done Gavin I'm proud of you, maybe with having spoken to people about your grannies faith it may be an influence on their life too..

Monday, January 8, 2007

2 years

Well today marks 2 years of Ross and I being together and I just want to say to you Ross that I love you very much and although we have our off days I am very happy at the thought of this year we are getting married. I know the next few months are going to be busy and probably a bit stressful but it will all be worth it on the 22nd September.

I love you with all my heart

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Just to say ......

I just want to thank Thomas and Olwyn for being such great friends. You guys are great. You put up with me most weekends and are always there for me and I guess Ross too. You mean the world to me and I just want to say Thank you!!! We spent a lot of time with you guys over Christmas and New Year which was lovely and as always we had fun, laughter, and well probably some of it was at my expense especially when we had the conversations eh Thomas. Never mind I should be the one worrying as you are giving a SPEECH at our wedding.


During the week i received a phonecall from the wedding planner at the hotel where we are having our wedding. She says she needs to get details from us regarding numbers , menus, drinks and room requirements. So its all go as now we need to decide who will be our be guests all day and at the evening reception. Its really hard as we don't want to miss anyone out or offend anyone either.

We have till the first weekend in February when we are going to see the woman. Its all very exciting for us and a bit stressful too but I'm sure it will be great.

So there will be names flying round our heads and stressful times ahead but hopefully not too bad.

Its hard to believe that it happening this year and it less than 9 months to go !!!!!

Anyway we will be ordering the dresses this month too ..... no turing back now Ross, not that I would want to .

I'm Back


Sorry its been so long since I ahve blogged but to be honest a lot has happened and time has just flown by and I have not had much time to be on my computer. Infact I have not even been on other blogs checking out whats been going on but tonight I am in and I thought I would try to do a few posts.

Well Christmas has been and once again it was a lovely time spent with family and friends. I stayed overnight on Christmas eve at my dads house which I guess was quite strange as it will be the last Christmas morning I wil wake up at his house as a single woman. It was really nice as it was just dad and I opening presents together and once again I was given many nice things from my dad and Lesley. I got a beautiful jewellery box and lots of nice make up and money to buy a coat which I got on Tuesday. I also had lots of bits and pieces from other friends which I opened at dads. Ross came over at again I was very spoiled by him with clothes green wing dvd, my favourite perfume by Gucci and other bits an pieces. After a quick tidy up we headed to Lesleys to give out more presents to the kids and then a breakfast feast was had by us all. Oh my word I thought I was getting a bacon roll, I'm still to see the roll but to be honest I am glad there was no rolls as I dont think I could have eaten one. There was so much food ...... but so lovely. visiting Lynn and Stu house to give Alan and Libby their presents was next on the agenda which was just a flying visit but still lovely to see them all and how excited they all were at what santa had brought.

We left Gourock with a car full of presents to go to Bellshill. Ross and I were having dinner with his family which was really nice. We arrived at Bellshill and exchanged presents with my future in-laws. It was so nice as I was truley spoiled by everyone. I got a beautiful bracelet and earings set from Ruth, Jim and Joanne which I love and really will enjoy wearing. Also lots of other lovely things so much I can't remember.

Dinner was great so much food, company was nice and all in all a nice day was had .

Tried to upload some photos hmmmmmm will need to speak to the headphonaught!!!!