Tuesday, March 6, 2007

My testimony from my hospital visit

Last night it was gale force winds over here and well all I can say is that God really protected me.

Inverclyde hospital is at the top of a hill and last night I went to visit Lesley in hospital and had taken Aunt Jean up to visit her too. As you know from my previous blog Aunt Jean has an artificial leg and well has difficulty with walking so I had to help her face the weather. Anyway going into the hospital was ok but the wind was catching you breath a bit. On the way back out after seeing Lesley we got to the front door of the hospital and the wind was really bad. I asked Aunt Jean if she was going to be ok if I held her to get to the car and she said she would give it a go. So we started to walk and it was very blowy, her balance was not good and I had to hold her really tight. We kept walking until a huge gust of wind nearly knocked us both flying I was about 6 metres form my car and I was having great difficulty holding her up i had her so tight and I was panicking thinking she is going to fall. I looked over at the car next to mine and this man was laughing at us, well I could have punched his face.

I said a wee prayer and asked God to help me hold her tight and just give me the strength to get her to the car then from no where this woman appeared and helped me and then this man helped us to get her to the car. My scarf went flying across the car park but hey that was the least of my worries i had visions on aunt Jean doing a Mary Poppins on me and then me having to explain to the family it was my fault she went flying through the air and fell.

So I was so grateful for that man and lady who helped us ( must add it was not the man from the car) and they most certainly were the good samaratins in my story, and I am so glad that neither of us fell and although my neck and shoulders are sore today from the way i held her and i was a bit scared but GOD kept us both safe. God is always there for me even although i may not always think he is and i am so glad nothing happened to Aunt Jean last night.

Must admit we are laughing about the whole situation now but at the time it was very scarey.

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