Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I must say that painting is not my forte but I need to learn so I thought I would give it a go in my flat you know the day is drawing nearer that Ross and I will buy our house and in order to that I need to sell my flat first. IT does not need that much done to it but I do need to freshen a few walls and tidy up at few cracks but hey it will be worth it.

On Saturday I had arranged that late afternoon the Pentney clan minus Joanne would come over and we could get started. Me in my inpatient ways decided that I would give a start to the small hallway between all the rooms. I got out the paint tec and climbed the ladder and was getting on great and really pleased with my efforts when I don't really know what happened but I found myself falling and landedon the tins of paint at my feet. Luckily I never had the pot of paint in my hand as I probably would have had it all over me. I think I got up quicker than I went down and to be honest that was quick. I did not know whether to laugh or cry. I could feel my leg beginining to bruise and oh my word what a bruise it is. I have to say it getting more purple by the day and still very sore. I learned a few things on Saturday and one of which was to be more patient and when climbing a ladder wear shoes !!!!


Clarebear said...

you numpty! and that bruise is disgusting! Your blog should be censored!

littlelaughalot said...

Aaawww! That's a cracker!
You are a lucky girl, you could have been so much worse off! Glad you're alright apart from being a bit tender.